Prophetic Arts 

Allow me to share with you the profound impact of Prophetic Arts from my own experiences. 

Prophetic Arts isn't just about creating beautiful visuals; it's about tapping into a deeper, spiritual connection that touches the core of who we are. When I immerse myself in the process of Prophetic Art, I find a profound sense of alignment with my emotions, thoughts, and the spiritual realm.

Through the act of creating, I feel as though I'm engaging in a dialogue with my inner self and with something greater than myself.  It's a channel through which I can express my innermost thoughts, feelings, and even questions that may be lingering in my heart. This process becomes a form of meditation, allowing me to quiet the noise of the world and listen to the whispers of my soul.

Prophetic Arts has an incredible way of revealing things that might be hidden beneath the surface. As I paint or draw, symbols and images emerge that carry personal meaning and often hold messages that I might not have been fully aware of before. It's like unlocking a door to my subconscious and allowing it to communicate with me in a visual language.

But the impact doesn't stop with the creation process. When I step back and look at the finished piece, I often find that it tells a story—my story. It's as if the canvas becomes a mirror, reflecting my journey, struggles, hopes, and aspirations. This realization is both empowering and comforting, reminding me that I'm not alone on this path.

And then, there are the moments when Prophetic Arts goes beyond personal revelation and becomes a conduit for connecting with others. The symbols and messages that emerge in my artwork often resonate with others in unexpected ways. This shared connection bridges gaps and fosters a sense of unity as if we're all part of a larger narrative.

Ultimately, Prophetic Arts offers a unique form of self-discovery, spiritual connection, and even healing. It's a way to communicate with the divine, to understand ourselves more deeply, and to share our stories with the world. It has the potential to inspire, comfort, and uplift, not only the artist but also those who engage with the art.

So, whether you're a Prophetic Arts artist or someone who appreciates art, Prophetic Arts invites you to explore the depths of your being, connect with the spiritual realm, and find a language that transcends words. It's an experience that can touch your heart, awaken your soul, and remind you of the beauty and mystery that exist within and around us. That has been my experience.

Under His Mantle

Prophetic Art was created for a couple who had a dream about Jesus placing a mantle over them and the ministry.  In it we see a couple under Jesus mantle being protected from the enemy.

The Secret Place

This prophetic art was created for someone who needed a word of confirmation in her life. She was searching for reassurance that God listens to her prayers.  Psalm 91:1

Fruit of the Spirit

This Prophetic Art was created related to the Fruit of the Spirit. It has its roots in Galatians 5:22-23

In the Potter's Hands

This Prophetic Art piece was created for someone who was experiencing the pains of being molded by God.  Just like the story of the Potter's house. Jeremiah 18

Worship Dance

This Prophetic Art piece was created for a sister in Christ who God called to Worship Dance. Psalms 149:3

Climbing the Mountain

This Prophetic Art was created for a Brother in Christ who needed encourament to go up a mountain in his life. 

The Firepit

This was a Prophetic Worship Night in Florida. When the firepit art piece was being created the Prophet felt the heat coming from the painting. Amazing Prophetic night. 

In His Presence

This Watercolor Prophetic Art was created for a sister who needed encouragement in moments of trials. 

God Gifted Me Flowers

 On a lonely night on Valentine's Day 2023, God came to me in a vision and gifted me flowers. I was in the middle of a divorce battle.  

The Door

God is calling you to open the door to your calling. Let Jesus enter your home. 

The Land  of the Gadarene

Jesus came to give freedom to the captives. 

Luke 4:18 

Creation Also Worships Him

This Prophetic Art was created for a sister who needed God to reveal her purpose.